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Hotel Chains in Cedeira:

#Hotel chainHotel countNúm. habitacionesAverage room count in hotelAverage user rating of hotels in this chain
(Worldwide / España / Cedeira)
 Non-chain Hotels54596.14 / 5.92 / 8.72Calzada Romana, Casa Rural A Pasada, Hospederia Casa Cordobelas, Hostal Meson Leira Antiga, Hotel Herbeira
 Total54596.13 / 5.89 / 8.72 

Summary: in Cedeira there are 0 hotel chains.

User Ratings vs Prices of some Hotels in Cedeira:

User Ratings of Hotels in Cedeira:

Hotel types in Cedeira:

Hotel typeHotel count
Hostal / Pensión3
Hotel types in Cedeira

Hotel room types in Cedeira:

Room typeNúm. habitaciones
Doble 2 camas1
Doble - 1 o 2 camas3
Bungalow 1
Hotel room types in Cedeira